Saturday, December 8, 2012

Weekend Update

Recently I've been continuing to add ballast and ground cover to the layout.

Looking away from the yard toward the freight depot siding. Better job on the ballast here, if I do say so myself. Working around the switches was a bit of a pain, but getting this filled in is really making this section start to look 'real'.

Close-up shot of the switches leading in to the yard area. Some of the crossing boards need another coat of paint, and the road still needs to be surfaced, of course.

A new addition! Or, I guess in this case, a subtraction. Putting in a small round pond near where the coal mine will go.

Finally assembled a crane that I had gotten as a gift nearly a year ago. It's normally an L-shaped construction crane, did some modifications to turn it into a yard crane. The scale is a little weird; in its original form, I can imagine it as a Z-scale structure. I think real construction cranes are quite a bit larger.

Near future: add plaster cloth to the new pond, and seal with a coat of patching compound, also finish the ground surface in the freight depot area.

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