Friday, August 31, 2012

Taking Shape

Fixed a few pieces of track, including a switch in the approach to the yard that I realized was facing the wrong way. Here little Ness helps me test for track alignment before adding a few more pins to the track.
Roughing out the terrain around the ramp. Definitely going to put in a tunnel in the back corner, just need to prime and paint the stone portal openings before proceeding.

A view of the new upper level. Didn't really need a run-around up here, so I made it into another siding. This can be where cars destined for points abroad are left for pickup, and where consists coming in from the real main line are left for the local.

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  1. Hello. I'm interested in Your N-scale job. I'm building my new 1:160 module with intensive use of "honeycomb" cardboard and I like to follow Your progress. I'll post soon some pictures of my little layout on my blog. Have You got a Facebook profile? Bye